Our Company
Our Past
Martinez Ayala Inks was Founded in 1932 in a small factory situated in Totana. The production of inks and varnishes was hand-crafted at that time and we would produce our own pigments, varnishes and additives with exceptional attention and dedication.

The inks and varnishes were mainly consumed by the local printers at the time for the printing of labels and papers to wrap the fresh fruits for export. The rest of the produced inks was produced for the offset and letterpress printing industry.

With the passing of time, Martinez Ayala Inks grew and gained new markets changing its production site several times and investing in more machinery for its development and production to answer its customers' new and frequent requests.
Our Present

Situated in new, modern premises inaugurated in November 2007 and located on a 12,000 m2 parcel in the Totana industrial area in Murcia, equipped with the most advanced technology and possesses an excellent, qualified team able to meet the customers' requirements and face the new challenges with the best guarantee of success.

With these new premises, Martinez Ayala Inks significantly increases its production capacity to approach the domestic and international markets in a more determined way. Our company prides itself as one of the most important and successful within of the sector and also as a principal reference with regards to the printing inks industry. The whole manufacturing process runs with the most modern, automatic production systems with a deep respect for the environment.
Our Future
The strategic plan of Martinez Ayala Inks allows us to approach the total implantation of the company within a market each time more exigent, in which both the biggest printers and small and medium businesses in the graphic arts branch try to improve their production requiring more quality and service. This is why Tintas MARTÍNEZ AYALA is present all over the national territory through its area representatives and dealers who are selling its products and offering our service to the whole domestic market.

With regard to foreign trade, Martinez Ayala Inks presence worldwide with its own dealers in a large number of countries and a strong vocation to distribute its products in the whole international market is a goal that we want to reach in the near future. On the Martinez Ayala Inks web site our customers will find all the information about our products and services and get to all the resources we keep at their disposal.

With a modern, functional image, we designed our web site with a main goal: to be closer to our customers every day and, thus, to offer them a best service. We update and improve our website every day also taking into account the valuable suggestions of our website visitors.
Our Philosophy
All the activities that we develop at Martinez Ayala Inks are focused towards the satisfaction of the needs and requests of our customers. Indeed, they constitute a fundamental pillar for our company with whom we want to go on building a sustaining relationship and growing together. Our team of professionals perform a proper daily investigation and development function with extreme care that strives towards our main goal: to meet our customers' needs. That goal is reflected in our slogan: "WE BRING YOU SOLUTIONS" which really defines our company philosophy.

Our customers' point of view is also very important to Martinez Ayala Inks. This is why we check their satisfaction level about our products and services with surveys every year. We also organise open days and work meetings with our customers on a regular basis on printing inks issues.

Martinez Ayala Inks is present on the main professional national and international shows in the graphic arts sector and also takes part into the latest advances on a technological, investigation and training basis. As far as training is concerned, we take great care of it bringing a vast range of solutions and have great experience in the sector.