Our Values

Since our company was established, we have developed the specialisation of its team and the integration of the newest, most advanced technology. With the establishment of the Quality System based on the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2000 norm, we incorporated the highest quality standards in all our production lines.

Our continued commitment to Research, Development and Innovation through the development of new formulas and product lines lead us to various collaboration agreements with other companies and universities. It also allows us to improve the development of new products and get complementary resources.

The continuous expansion of the printing industry has led to the need for using inks that are more and more sophisticated and suited to new printing systems.

Aware of this progress, MARTINEZ AYALA, S.A. has grown and adapted to the needs of its clients in the firm belief in continuous renewal and innovation.

We have incorporated modern equipment for the analysis and control of production and development for the rigorous selection of raw materials, the design of the most appropriate formulas and to establish the most appropriate processes for the preparation of inks that respond to current market demands and at the same time maintain a production that is constant, dynamic, flexible and capable of dealing with our clients' demands of quality, quantity and service.

Our constancy, flexibility and dynamism make it possible for us to reach a wide variety of both large consumer and small and medium-size enterprise clients. MARTINEZ AYALA, S.A. has a special manufacturing service of Pantone and special colours for delivery within 24 hours.

Besides customer service and information, the analysis, response to queries and technical advisory services are a continuous commitment with which we achieve a better service for the client and greater differentiation and competitiveness in the market.

Our communications by telephone, fax and Internet, together with the professionalism of our commercial and logistics department, with an extensive distribution network, means that the supply of our products is characterised by its excellent quality of service and fast delivery.
The Environment

The growing awareness and respect for the environment has led us to direct our efforts towards two activities:

    • On the one hand, we have introduced clean procedures with closed systems to control our production and minimise, recycle and treat our waste correctly and in accord with current legislation.

    • On the other, our formulas use rigorously selected materials that make it possible for us to manufacture inks that respect the environment, using natural resins, vegetable oils and organic pigments.

In this way, we obtain inks that offer maximum security in jobs and respond to the demands of our clients, who are becoming more and more aware and respectful of the environment.